Unit 2



Survey Results


The Interview was conducted by Chris and I do not have his notes.


Unit 2 brought together people who probably wouldn’t associated with each other. Take for instance, Sydney and I. We may live in the same room and share the same exact classes, but we hate each other. Of course, I am merely joking as you have read our transcripts! I feel our class is very quiet; it was nice to be forced to work with other people for a change.

When the survey was in the process of being written, we had no idea how to separate and break down the data. We tried to keep the survey vague enough to be unbiased but encompassing enough to house all possible answers, which even then people messed up somehow. This was after the Driscoll reading and that homework to review some of your previous students’ work. We had a Food option and yet someone chose the “Other” option and wrote Taco Bell on the line. That showed me that no matter how encompassing you try to be, there will always be that one person. Since we actually printed off the survey, there was no way to professionally fix the typo that was on there either. Only one person noticed it so that wasn’t too bad.

The very same day, we sat down and went through each and every survey. Answers were surprising and super difficult to category. We did it all by hand, minus the math. We’re not math majors, so even simple division is handled by the handy dandy phone calculator. Pen and paper, tally marks going every which way. This was before you showed us the wondrous apps that Google possesses. I had my boyfriend show me how to use Excel and even then I was really unsure about using it. Sure Google Sheets isn’t as fancy as Excel but it certainly got the job done.   Besides the two numeric outliers, there was a guy who said his year was “Transfer”. I’m pretty sure if you transfer to have a year. For instance, you transfer after your sophomore year, you’re a junior at the next school. Maybe I’m completely wrong and there is a year of Transfer.

To put it simply, I don’t believe becoming a researcher is in my near future as a career. I think Unit 2 cemented that fact for me. Not really knowing whether we can use certain data is confusing. Presenting, however, is one of the easiest and funnest things I’ve done. I can present all day and I think that’s one of the many things that contribute to not only my major but to me as a person. I’m a natural leader who likes to present which is basically the makings of a teacher.



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