Unit 1

From WRT160, I’ve gathered the self researching methods that I have already -somewhat- applied in other aspects of my life, most of which pertain to my other classes. I’ve recorded how much time I spend studying and compared to my test and quiz scores. There are no line plots or tables that required an insane amount of statistical work I had long since forgotten from high school. Let’s just say that I need to study more if I want to be a student here next fall.

In my intro to theatre class, we are literally forced to spend more money and go see plays. As much as I like to b a patron of the arts, I like to be willing. After the raping of the senses (minus taste and smell) I must write a review of the play. All the summarizing we do, Berkenkotter and Perl, and the practice of writing the abstract of Driscoll (which I botched, sadly). You’d think I’d be good at writing a summary of something by now. Nope, but I try!

I also take intro to sociology. Not because I find it mildly interesting to add depth to character but because it’s a gen. ed. and literally every other class was filled. If I were to write some sort of research paper for that class – I’d research Dr. Money- it’d have to be in APA format. With sciences, years mean everything. EVERYTHING! For example, depending on what year you pull Dr. Money’s famous life work will either be a rollicking success or a depressing failure. Not to spoil your night of Wikipedia browsing, it’s an interesting read and certainly something easy enough to write an APA paper on.

WRT160 is a useful class as my high school didn’t even bother with APA and hardly tried with MLA. To say that I won’t use everything at least once would be a lie and also stupid of me. I’m sure Oakland wouldn’t force me to take this class without a real reason.




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