Literacy Autobiography

The Down Draft of a Semester

The Much Better and Revised Essay

Depressing Animoto



In instances in the past, I was one of those students who turned in their rough draft as their final and call it a day. Given, I spent hours on them before finally giving up and submitting it for grading. Needless to say, that changed first semester Freshmen year. That is not how college courses work.

We’re only two months in and not only have I written -more than likely- more papers than in my senior year, but I’ve also learned how difficult it is to work on my own. Mostly, the lack of a teacher over my shoulder hounding me to work. The amount of summaries I’ve butchered until now is unbelievable. I was happy that you gave us all a second chance to complete the first summary. Even though I did turn in the exact same one on accident.

What I learned about myself is that I sometimes don’t work well with others. I am outgoing or so I’ve been told. There were things that I truly connected with and there are others that I was completely lost. For instance, the letter to a classmate. I’m still completely lost as to what I was supposed to do. Sadly, I had to come up with something on the spot and my partner, Jackie, actually helped out wonderfully. I’m not proud of faking my way through that class period.

I did like the timeline we had to make in order to write our essays. Going through and actually thinking about what I’ve been doing for the past eighteen years is enjoyable. I also liked when we got a chance to do it really quickly in class and compare with our classmates. Talking to people is how I get my ideas for everything. My mind is a mine field of craziness. One person can say something, that sentence is like a foot fall and the explosion creates a domino effect in my head. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I sometimes laugh to myself in class. That’s the explosions. They often lead to very weird places and must be forgotten before writing anything. If they’re not immediately deleted, they spill out to the paper.

Surprisingly, I did really like the peer review. I wasn’t aware of how confusing I truly am when I write. The experience was eye opening. Hearing not just from one person but from multiple opinions that aren’t grading my paper. It’s nice to have some other perspectives.  As said with the explosions, think of a rag doll. It bounces off each one to the next, unearthing all sorts of rubbish. My literacy essay rough draft was one of the times where those explosions made it to paper.

I’m happy to be in this particular class of WRT150. Compared to others that my friends are in, this is the most sane and relevant.


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