Naps are nice

1) We all still need help on APA format. We aren’t pros yet and I doubt we will be. I doubt that we’re even pros at MLA format. If we were, none of us would have taken WRT150. Nothing wrong with that statement, I know for a fact that I’m not a pro at either format. I often look at guides. So I suppose that’s my strategy; look at the guides. Eventually, you’ll get to the point were you don’t look at the guide so often. Waning yourself off of it is really how we learn most, if not all, things. Like Training wheels for a bike.

2) My job was pretty easy since only one person posted their draft. Then again, it was fourteen pages long. In her mandatory message on moodle, she stated she had forgotten her thesis statement (I’m pretty sure I did as well) and if there was any way that she could shorten some parts. While her writing style is great, she had a bit of repetition. Pronouns and the like can not only shorten the length but also keep it fresh. The same word(s) over and over again feels like a sledge hammer clogging on the back of my head.

3)I like the online peer evaluation. Not only do I not have to talk to people, I figured out that there is a comment feature on Open Office. Screw expensive Microsoft Word!


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