A big part of my writing process is distractions and stray thoughts. The thoughts usually lead into a side conversation . Somehow that part of my thinking/planning process. When I’m not spaced at, staring at the screen, I have the information in my head and it sort of simmers. After a bit of tomfoolery, I tell myself I am ready or that this project is due soon. The next part is a back and forth, recursive like Tony, writing “spree”. I write all I have to say, which are bits and pieces at a time, then go back and add in or take out words that sounds like I’m twelve.

If I were to break it down to percents, although I’m sure I’d be under or over one hundred, here’s how it would go:

Before Planning (Which includes reading and rereading the prompt): 15%

Drafting: 37%

Revising: 13%


Distractions: 16%


As for codes I’ll be using and their meanings, here’s as follows:

[D] Distractions: Singing the glorious hits of the Backstreet Boys, talking, etc,

[DST] Stray Thoughts that lead to distractions: my mind is a waterslide of pasta sauce and at the bottom is a mountain of cheese and porcupines. Don’t think about that too much. It makes no sense and that’s how I want it.

[R] Reading: Includes the words I’ve written as well as the articles. From memory I remember saying “scrolling scrolling scrolling” when trying to find a part I vaguely remember but wanted to use.

[RD] Reading Directions: When your mind is a fantastical place of foodstuff and animals, you let me know how well you stick to the prompt

[P] Pauses: There were times I forgot to talk as well as times where I had temporarily given up.

[R] Revision: includes word choice as well as crappy grammar. (I AM TONY!!!)

[C] Commenting: Sarcasm at its best, I suppose.

[TW] Writing Aloud or Talking while Writing: It’s a bit hard to type something different from what you’re saying out loud.

[PG] Planning in General: when I just trying to figure which way to go.

[WG] Writing in General: possibly happening with my pauses. I forgot to speak sometimes.

[UKN] unknown: No clue what was happening at that point in time


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