Facelift! (First Post of the Semester)

I could’ve cheated and just left my blog the way it was from last semester. I’m sure I would’ve been penalized however I wanted to change the look anyway. For the really snazzy, and sort of pretentious, layout I had to pay. As we all know, college students don’t have that kind of money to waste on a layout! You can create your own for free!

This is what my blog looked like before. 


The background I searched for on Google. My header picture also from Google. The cool thing about it was that it changed. I had three pictures that would appear there when the page was accessed or refreshed.  Take a look at the title. It started as a joke when I was creating this the first time. For some reason it stuck.

Now adjust your eyes from the “blogception” and just take in the work I’ve done. Yes, I didn’t bother adding new pages. The ones there work fine for what this blog is used for. The background changed, still free might I add. That header, you can bet your last dollar it changes. Go ahead, refresh the page a couple of times, the text isn’t going anywhere. Refresh it again. A couple more times. The images might repeat but the setting is on random, maybe you’re unlucky. Last time, refresh it.

The images you -hopefully- just laid witness to are just pictures from my collection. I suppose they say a little bit about me. What that means, I have no idea. Just trying to be a bit funny, even if it failed, because that is who I am.



2 thoughts on “Facelift! (First Post of the Semester)

  1. Cindy Mooty says:

    Amanda, I certainly do not mind that you’re reusing your wrt150 blog– except that you no longer have all the wonderful pages you created for your own files. 😦

    It’s a good idea that you included the archives widget, so you will be able to keep track of your postings this semester.

  2. I still have the pages I created last semester as well as the archive widget. I can rearrange them but at this moment, the pages are at the top left and the archive is at the bottom under “Blogs I Follow”.

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