Personality Tests are a Joke and very Inaccurate

My math skills are shoddy at times so I skipped the Holland test. The group I was in today said that their results tied with multiple things. Knowing how I operate, I’d more than likely ended up tying with maybe five things. The truity/typefinder test is what I took instead. I’m happy that both links were posted.

The questions were really obvious though. “Do you like math or accounting?” was one of their questions. The rating system instead of a “yes or no” was on a degree of five. One being a can’t stand it, three was a “meh”, and five is “OMG, that’s so me!”. I hardly ever picked a five. The best were a four.

My results for the quiz were not surprising to me at all. I’m an extravert, intuitive, a thinker, and a perceiver. All of these are more or less a tad bit different based on the context of the quiz. I am often called outgoing by the people in my classes so I can see how I am an extravert. My imagination is vast though dark hence the intuitive. The site’s version of thinker is that I value logic, competence and responsibility. It goes further saying that thinkers believe that everyone has the responsibility to care of themselves. I believe that to a point. I think that’s why I don’t sympathize with others easily. Lastly, the perceiver. That basically boils down to I’m a free spirit and not reliable but according to their definition of thinkers, I am. I’m just one big walking contradiction. AND I LOVE IT! The related careers were a different story.

 They range from things I’ve never heard of, like internet architect, to normal mundane things such as a property manager or a sales manager. Some of them sound somewhat appealing, they even coincide with my aspirations from my childhood. When I was younger, I was interested in in photography. At my school, we used Career Cruising. It was a useful tool. After taking many tests, the program had narrowed the list down to about twenty-five possibly careers. Motivational speaker was one. So was stand up comedian. I have no qualms about standing up in front of people and talking about myself or anything else that I actually know about.

However, I really think my career results from this test were inaccurate. I have absolutely no interest in being any kind of engineer. The list they gave me was full of different kinds of engineers, none of which I wish to become. No where on the list is translator and that’s a bit depressing. Of course they have a disclaimer saying that just because my career isn’t listed doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy it nor enjoy it. The results are just from a poll of other visionaries.

I want to prove this site wrong. I want to excel at being a general translator or an English teacher to Japanese students. More than likely both of those.  (Cue uplifting music) I know who I am and I know what I’m capable of.


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