Reflective Objects are Shiny Sometimes

The timeline was the most helpful. It actually made me think about what my life had been thus far, literature wise. From there, I just narrowed it down. The letter on the other hand, I feel, didn’t help me. Even at this moment, I still don’t know what it was about, sadly.

The moment I chose was when I was in seventh grade and began writing nonstop. I don’t think I ever matched the ferocity of how much I had written in a short amount of time. Nothing I had done before had remotely compared to that. Even after that year, I never wrote anything with such a passion.

According to my peer revisers, I am hard to follow at times. I understand that. That was essentially a down draft so whatever made sense was a miracle. My paper wasn’t in chronological order. I established a fake opening but time doesn’t really progress through that paper, I just talk about my writing in seventh grade, not one day.  Towards the end I threw in a certain erotic novel that has earned my hatred. In the next draft, I won’t mention it at all. I’m just going to call that one of the weakest parts. I’m even iffy about my opening paragraph. I know the topic sentence needs work.

One thing that I am proud of is how I was able to bring attention to someone who really doesn’t need acknowledgement. When I talk about the little girl who was mean to me, my peers took interest in her and asked me to write more about her even though she was only important for that sentence and needs no further exposition. I’m proud I got people interested, I’m ashamed that their interest was directed at the wrong topic.

To sum up my peer’s reviews it feels like they were either misdirected or didn’t really read it at all. My paper isn’t chronological. I don’t go in to detail over too many actual nonimportant things. My pivotal moment is the actual seventh grade. I got really fired up over and writing and I describe that.  The fact that one wrote, “This story flows chronologically. However I don’t feel an actual beginning middle and end.” and the other said that I hadn’t put anything about the bullies makes me feel as if no real thought was put into it.

I guess I could say that the whole paper is a flash back that has minor flash backs, much like Inception. For the most part I used my voice. I’d like to think that’s one of my strongest attributes in writing. I just like to keep readers interested by keeping it fresh.

Yes they chose fifteen sentences and I’d like to use most if not all since some are the same. The Moodle does not specifically say what the limit is, so in theory I could use my whole paper!

(That last part was a joke. I’ll use some of the ones they picked and a few of my own.)


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