This Mess I Call a Blog

This is “Amanda’s Dungeon” just because it’s dark and filled with terrible sarcastic humor. The tag line is a result of that. “A dimly lit den of forced pleasure” is you visiting this page and forcing yourself to laugh at my attempts at being funny.

The theme I chose was Dusk to Dawn but through some playing around and Google searches I’ve made it my own. If you were to leave and come back, the header picture will change. I’ve also changed the background picture. It doesn’t reflect who I am but I like it because it’s different. You can expect that to change.

Sadly, I could not have my page play music. Correction, I can play music but I refuse to pay for that service. My original plan was to have “Step by Step” by New Kids on the Block play because my professor said step by step multiple times when giving my class the initial assignment to create a blog. Youtube videos will have to suffice.

That’s just a little bit of the fun I’ve had with this. I might be a little bit sad next semester, assuming that we won’t be using these.


5 thoughts on “This Mess I Call a Blog

  1. It seems like, of all the blogs I’ve visited so far, you’ve done the most editing to your original theme. I think you really captured your personality and your writing definitely gives insight into who you are. You also have a lot of links on the left side that seem really helpful and probably makes it much easier to navigate your blog.

  2. kgholowe says:

    Your blog is really interesting! I love how your posts are so detailed and your blog is different. I really like the colors of your blog too, how the blue pops out of the black and catches the reader’s attention. I can’t wait to see what your header picture changes too!

  3. avida95 says:

    I am really loving your blog! The background design complements very well with the colors you choose for your writing space. It gives off a very mysterious but wonderful feel to the entire page. This blog has a truly professional look to it, and I think it looks great

  4. I really enjoy this blog! I find it to be so cool and I can relate my style to yours. Your posts have so much voice in them which makes them fun to read. I cannot wait to see what else you do to it!!

  5. Cindy Mooty says:

    Amanda, I viewed the site briefly last week, and I like the changes this week. I’m also trying to think of your classmate who has input music on her’s. It’ll come to me — probably after I ask in class tomorrow 🙂 Lovely voice shines through, well done!

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