Writing is Important and so is When Doves Cry

The lack of control of voice and tone in my generation is laughable. I can say that as I am a reluctant member of the age 15 to 25 group. Writing in classes helps combat this, at least in my own opinion. The teacher gives you a defined audience and with almost all cultures, people change how they speak when talking to someone above them. Unless you come from a very laid back family, you don’t talk to your great grandmother the way you do when you talk to your friend.

I know I can’t be around the same people for hours on end. Even when I was working everyday, I truly wanted to staple their mouths shut as nothing pertinent to my day was being said. At times I completely shut down. Living with a roommate has further cemented my need to live alone. So how does this tie into why writing is important? Writing is just another from of communication. As stated, after so long I stop all communication. Writing Science Fiction or Fiction in general helps me cope with my social anxiety. It gives a legitimate reason to shut everyone out.

What if your voice box was demolished by say, drinking a little too much bleach and ammonia cocktail? You can bet that you won’t be talking anytime soon. Everyone else can assume that you didn’t take the time to learn sign language prior to your attempt so writing is really your only choice. Tone doesn’t really carry in writing as it does by actually speaking. You’ll have to spice it up just enough so that we know exactly what you mean and how you meant it.

From another non-scholastic stand point and on to a career orientated one, I’d like to be a Japanese and Chinese translator. When working on translating a video game or the nations best seller, there is usually a team working to get the basic meaning of the passage (which leave lexical gaps or lacuna*) and then people to prose it up. I’ like to be one of the latter. How can I make a sentence go from a gibberish mess to something that rolls off the tongue like a breeze on glorious Summer day?

With the importance of writing of course!

But my writing doesn’t stop there. After I graduate university, I’d like to fallow in the foot steps of my dad and enlist in the Air National Guard. He was in the Navy, the Reserves, Air National Guard, and on Active Duty many times. He is the main reason I’m at Oakland. I’d like to have the same stability while helping others. Though I am not physically strong or particularly brave, I’d like to be one of the framers for military doings. Just this year, we went through the ringer trying to use the G.I. Bill. The higher ups had changed the number of years from twenty to twenty four leaving many people unable to use them. I’d like to be there and write suggestions/demands as the changing of certain things leaves so many people unable to use what was rightfully theirs.

*Need an example:

“Pinchar” the Spanish verb which is specifically used when a needle is used to draw blood. Any word in English for it? Nope. Puncture is the closest but we use it for anything we want.


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